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Heathen House/Apartment Protection Prayer

This is a simple prayer I say when leaving my apartment. I trace a Hammer Sign at the door and say:

“Thor please watch and protect this apartment (or house), and keep it safe, and keep those out who do not belong. May only those who are supposed to enter, and may all items remain safe and secure within. Hail Thor. Thank you Thor.”

Heathen Safe Driving in Winter Conditions Prayer

Another really great prayer written by Amarina. This one is for before starting to drive your car in wintry snowy and icy conditions.

“Lady Skadi, Mistress of ice and snow, guide and protect. Thor, Lord and Master of the winds of the Western World, guard and protect.”

Heathen Grounding Prayer

A really great grounding prayer written by Amarina

“Great Mother of the Earth, Goddess Nerthus, I beseech you to take this excess energy that I no longer need that it may be returned to another that has need.”