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Personal relationships with gods/goddesses and labels for them..

I think there is as many styles of types of relationships with gods/goddesses as there is people with relationships with them. Some may choose to put a label to their form of devotion and use a similar label to someone else, but in the end any relationship between a god/goddess is a personal thing between devotee and deity. The problem with labeling it is some then start to compare how they connect with the deity with how they are or one may feel a desire to judge others ways of connecting with their deity, this is seriously bad as it removes the point from the relationship, which is one that is about connecting with the deity. It should be that each person listens to their heart or their deity for to know what is the way to connect with them. Labels can interfere with listening to the heart, or even with listening to the deity.

The only judgements that should be made about any relationship with a deity should be, is this making me a better person, is this making me more happy and more filled with a sense of connection to the spiritual and is it giving me added spiritual strength to deal with the challenges of my physical life.

When we have a relationship to any deity we should put the connection to them first and leave aside labels that may get in the way. We must listen carefully to what the deity may be telling us that the relationship is, and not feel in a hurry to interject our own labels. A god or goddess we have a connection with will tell us what they wish from us in our relationship with them given enough time. Simple labels like devotee may be better since this is more broad. In the Viking times they would call them something like “the special friend of (deity)”.

Never in any way should we use any label that is more about pumping up our own ego than about honoring what the deity truly wants the relationship to be. From my experience also the deity does not give us all information right away, but it takes time for our own level of understanding to increase before we can understand more and that the deity feels we are ready to know more. Mostly they like us to figure stuff out and then talk to them about it.

In the end what matters the most is the personal connection you have with your god/goddess, not what labels you tell others defines this. Also never judge someone elses personal connection with their god/goddess, this is a very sacred and personal thing and in no way can you understand what depth this connection may have and all that might go on in this relationship. Ultimately this is what all followers of the Norse gods/goddesses should strive for, finding the god or goddess which is their special friend and then building this relationship with them so that the devotee can one day directly serve their god/goddess in the afterlife once they move from the world of the living.