Divination Services

★ Psychic Tarot and Runes Readings

I am making my psychic skills available for those interested. I do both rune and tarot readings, and you may choose which of them you would prefer. I do do all readings at StarzPsychics. If you wish a reading you can find me there. My name there is StarzWisdomOfTheAges. I would be very happy to give you a psychic reading today!

Please have all questions you wish to know about written down before the reading.

Ground rules for readings and my psychic reading code of conduct:

1. I shall strive to give you the best and most informative reading and advice based on compassion and respect for who you are as a person and for your individual needs.

2. I am NOT a licensed psychiatrist, physician, lawyer, financial consultant, or counselor. Please do not ask me to advise you on legal issues, physical or mental health problems, or in regards to financial decisions. Be sure and seek advice from a medical professional for medical issues. Be sure and seek advice from a lawyer for legal issues. Be sure and seek advice from a licensed financial adviser for financial issues.

3. I shall strive to respect all local laws and customs. I shall not give any advice related to anything that would involve the breaking of local laws.

4. I am not able to ethically answer any questions related to when you or anyone else shall die.

5. I do not and and have no ability to predict lottery numbers or other related things. If I could I would do so for myself and be very wealthy (don’t we all wish we could do this).

6. Only serious questions please. No test questions. I don’t wish to waste either mine or your time. I wish to give you only the best reading I can for your money. The more open you are with allowing me to access your energies and issues the more I can help you to find out about the exact issues you wish to know about.

7. You are required to openly ask at least one question. If you wish to know about a situation ask, otherwise the reading may be about something very random that is not actually the issue you wanted the reading for.

8. I don’t claim to have special powers. I don’t claim to be all knowing. Psychic readings can only predict likely futures, but the future is in no way written, it can go many possible ways depending on what actions you and others take. Psychic readings predict what is most likely to happen based on what you are currently doing. It is within your power to change your most likely behaviors towards either a more favorable, or less favorable outcome. The purpose of psychic readings is similar to a road sign, it gives some advance warning of what may be ahead, giving you time to better consider the best course of action to take. It is very important that you take all that I say in any reading with a grain of salt and use your own common sense when considering how it applies to you. Often times information given in a reading is more on a symbolic level, representing inner processes. It should not always be taken in the literal sense and never consider any of it something set in stone. You always have a measure of free-will in any situation to change your future.

9. I believe in helping people to see the positive aspects of their situation and helping to remind a client about the good aspects of who they are and when there is a challenge, guiding people to the best solution to this in ways that respect people’s free-will. I will not dwell on negativity. There is always both good and bad in all situations. By focusing on the good in a situation we can raise above any bad and empower the positive direction for things.

10. I StarzWisdomOfTheAges and Starz Psychics specifically disclaim any responsibility for any liability, loss, or risk, personal or otherwise, which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any information given during the reading. By getting a tarot or rune reading with me you are agreeing to these rules as legal binding.


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