Daily Practices

This is shared so as to inspire others to perhaps take up a similar set of daily practices. It really does help a great deal to have such a daily practice, and it is the key thing in making ones religious practice truly spiritual.

Every day I do the following and in this order:

A Hammer hollowing ritual to banish negative energies and invoke protection and positive energies.

Simple energy shielding visualizations.

A set of short prayers related to most of the gods/goddesses (Aesir and Vanir). They are some of the prayers from chapter 5 of Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner. That book says to do the prayers using prayer beads, but I don’t see any need for the beads, just go through the prayers I like each day. The ones I do are section I, section V, and the first part of section IX stopping at and including Njord. You can find those on pages 110-115.

I draw a rune for the day and place this on my altar. Then I read about this rune from three books.

10 minutes sitting silent meditation. I use the app Insight Timer, to time the meditation.

Daily offering blot of apple juice to the god, goddess, or wight of the day. Sundays I offer to Nehalennia. Mondays I offer to Idun and Eir. Tuesdays I offer to Tyr and Heimdall. Wednesdays I offer to Odin and Frigga. Thursdays I offer to Thor and Sif. Fridays I offer Freyja and Freyr. Saturdays I offer to Njord and to the ancestors. This daily blot is simple, I fill a horn filled with apple juice, raise the horn, speak the invocation, drink half the juice and pour the rest into my offering bowl for the god/goddess/wight. After I step outside and pour the contents of the offering bowl over my hörgr, and recite the short prayer, For Pouring Out a Blót Bowl, from Viking Poetry for Heathen Rites.

Short devotional ritual to Freyja in which I offer incense and candle flame. The ritual used is the one from Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner, but modified for my own personal needs.

On Tuesdays additionally in honor of Tyr I read through the thews (virtues) which I follow which happen to be the Vanic Virtues

On Saturdays I leave out some beer in a bowl in my kitchen for the house-wights.

On Sundays I go outside and make a simple blot of beer to the Land-wights, pouring the offered share directly over my hörgr.

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