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Os is OM

Os (Ansuz), the Heathen rune of connecting to God (Odin) as word is the same as Om (AUM), the eastern spiritual (Hindu/Buddhuist/etc) idea of God as sound!


Norse God and Goddess Mantras

Norse God and Goddess Mantras


Lord Freyr king of ancestors I hail you


Divine fire of Freyja I hail you


Divine Odin seeker and wanderer I hail you


Divine compassion and motherly love of Frigga I hail you


Divine thunder of Thor I hail you


Divine flaxen waves of Sif I hail you


Divine healing touch of Eir I hail you


Divine boats and nets of Njord I hail you


Mysterious web of the Wyrd sisters I hail you


Divine apples of Idunn I hail you


Divine quill and scroll of Saga I hail you


Divine silver tongue of Bragi I hail you


Divine fallen one of Asgard I hail you


Divine beloved of the fallen one of Asgard I hail you


Divine justice and honor of Tyr I hail you


Divine rooster and horn of Heimdall I hail you


Divine primal chaos of Loki I hail you

Heathenism and Meditation..

The Vikings practised meditation too. Often times they sat some place outside to do this or even very commonly on a burial mound. Was common to place one’s cloak over oneself to block off the senses so that the focus was turned more inward while doing this. Since most Vikings lived in communal longhalls I doubt meditating at home would have been so good since was probably too much activity going on there. But since we tend to live in dwellings nowadays with less people living in them, it is more useful to meditate indoors as there is less to disturb us there. Of course outside meditation can be used as well when one wishes to feel the energies of an area for spiritual world purposes.

An example of this as done by the Vikings was when Thorgeir Thorkelsson was asked to decide on the issue of Icelandic conversion to Christianity.

For me daily meditation is part of my Heathen practice. I find that it enhances my ability to stay focused during rituals and also in general makes me better able to deal with stresses and normal ups and downs of life. Regular meditation basically helps to make you emotionally and spiritually tougher and more resilient and overall increases ones will-power. Also it makes my mind better able to gather and absorb knowledge and wisdom. All around it has very good benefits.