Volmarr’s Heathen Midsummer Ritual June-21-2013 Vanatru Version

• drinking horn
• mead (or beer or wine or even can use juice)
• spring water in small bowl
• fresh pine twig
• offering bowl
• candles
• wand (if you don’t have one you can use your fingers instead)
• Thor’s Ritual Hammer (optional, can use it for the Hammer Hallowings)
• One yellow or gold candle
• One white candle
• Any symbols of Summer, solar symbols.

This ritual, as are all Heathen or northern rituals, is done while facing north, except where otherwise noted. The altar should be such that it is in front of you when you face north.

If you don’t know how to pronounce the runes see my webpage on how to pronounce them here.

Put spring water in small bowl. Trace 3 Laguz runes over it.:



“From the Well of Wyrd does this water flow, and to the Well of Wyrd does it return”

Make Hammer Sign at item and then splash each ritual item with blessed water using the pine twig and for each item say:

“I bless this ______ with the waters of the Well of Wyrd”

Now trace Hammer Sign at person being blessed and/or self and splash them with water using twig.

“I bless ______ with the waters of the Well of Wyrd”

Use twig to splash ritual space with water.

“I bless this space with the waters of the Well of Wyrd”

Few silent deep breaths.

All stand in Elhaz position.

Elhaz Position 1

“Bi-Frost’s rainbow light shine down upon this space and myself so that I may form a portal between the worlds of Asgard and Midgard”

Few silent deep breaths.

All face north and trace the Hammer Sign while chanting:

“Hammer in the north hallow and ward this stead”

All turn east and trace the Hammer Sign while chanting:

“Hammer in the east hallow and ward this stead”

All turn south and trace the Hammer Sign while chanting:

“Hammer in the south hallow and ward this stead”

All turn west trace the Hammer Sign while chanting:

“Hammer in the west hallow and ward this stead”

All return to north and look up and trace Hammer sign while chanting:

“Hammer above hallow and ward this stead”

All look below and trace Hammer sign while chanting:

“Hammer below hallow and ward this stead”

Return to facing north and all stand in the Elhaz position and chant:

“Around me and within me Asgard and Midgard”

Dagaz Position 1

and move into the Dagaz position in the end.

Few silent deep breaths.

(Highly recommended optional casting of the rune ring)

(face north and trace the rune shape in the air before you using your wand and loudly chant: “FEHU!”)


(face north-east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “URUZ”)


(face east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “THURISAZ”)


(face south-east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “ANSUZ”)


(face south and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “RAIDHO”)


(face south-west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “KENAZ”)


(face west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “GEBO”)


(face north-west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “WUNJO”)


(face north and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “HAGALAZ”)


(face north-east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “NAUDHIZ”)


(face east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “ISA”)


(face south-east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “JERA”)


(face south and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “EIHWAZ”)


(face south-west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “PERTHRO”)


(face west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “ELHAZ”)


(face north-west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “SOWILO”)


(face north and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “TIWAZ”)


(face north-east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “BERKANO”)


(face east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “EHWAZ”)


(face south-east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “MANNAZ”)


(face south and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “LAGUZ”)


(face south-west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “INGWAZ”)


(face west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “DAGAZ”)


(face north-west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “OTHALA”)


(Few silent deep breaths)

Hold up the bottle of mead:

“I now brew the holy mead of inspiration. Won by high Odin long ago!”

Chant into the bottle of mead:

“Odhroerir! Son! Bodhn!”

“Now I hallow this drink with staves of light!”

Chant and trace these runes over the bottle:















All say:

“Hail Odhroerir!”

Few silent deep breaths.

“Hail to the Vanir! Hail to the Aesir! Hail to the gods and goddesses of the north! I call upon you all in frith at this time so I may honor the connection we have with one another.”

(Light the white candle.)

“Hail the Vanir! Hail the Aesir!”

“Hail Sunna! Daughter of Glen. Bright rider in the heavens by day. Driver of Alsvin and Arvak. Wearer of Svalin. Day-star. Ever-glow. All-bright. Wolf-chased. Fair-wheel. Grace-shine. Ensnarer of Trolls!”

(Light the yellow candle.)

“Hail Sunna!”

“Now is the time of Midsummer. This is a time for adventure and seeking conquest and victory within our life. Midsummer is also a time to honor the important alliances that you hold with others.”

“Late Spring and early Summer are the Norse times to fight battles and go raiding. Most of us in the modern world won’t be going into literal combat situations or going literally raiding, as happened during the Viking age. But we modern people have our own just as difficult battles we have to fight in our day to day life. Common modern forms of battle are: battles against your own negative traits or bad habits, battles to effect greater spiritual growth and awareness, battles to improve our lives in any way, battles against people in our lives who abuse us or cause us harm, battles to stand up for some cause we believe in, battles to improve the lives and well-being of those close to us, battles to achieve success in our careers, fighting for a better world, etc. All these types of battles are equally as worthy as the battles and raids which the Vikings fought, and are just as filled with their own forms of danger and peril. All forms of worthy battle which we fight are a way in which the gods/goddesses test us to see our measure of spiritual strength and bravery. By fighting whatever worthy battles we must in our lives without backing down and doing the best we can in them, we increase our spiritual might and personal luck. Most forms of modern battles are more so what can be considered forms of psychic or spiritual battles. Being a spiritual warrior is just as impressive to the gods/goddesses as being a literal one. If your life has been filled with strife and challenge lately during the late spring and early summer know that this is part of being in tune with the seasonal cycles and this time shall eventually pass. When fighting a lot of battles our energies can after awhile become drained and run down. Try to call upon the power of the sun, the goddess Sunna, as a source to recharge your psychic and emotional batteries after many long fought battles.”

(Hold drinking how and fill it with drink)

“Hail to Sunna! Goddess of the sun! Goddess of the energies which charge all of life with vitality! Through your vital strength, we gain the power to achieve victory! Please oh bright shinning goddess charge my energies with your might and power! Hail Sunna!”

(Picture in your mind’s eye energy from the sun coming down to you and filling your aura, making it stronger and more powerful.)

(Chant and trace sowilo in the air three times:)



(Drink half, pour out rest to offering bowl or ground)

“Anger is a useful and important emotion since it is related to defending against attack, and is an emotion needed for self protection. Anger only gets bad when it is used in a personal way. Personalized anger is anger against a certain person, which is very negative. Anger used in a impersonal sense, as controlled anger where you use the anger feelings to empower your ability to defend your rights and to protect yourself and others, is the proper positive use of anger. ”

“In modern day times there aren’t many outlets for anger. In older times of course there were plenty of outlets for it since men had to fight to protect. Since men are the protectors they do tend to more directly feel their anger emotions. Women often but not always tend to feel their anger in more indirect ways. Or more commonly, many women have trouble directly acknowledging when they are angry. The strongest emotion for men is anger. The strongest emotion for women is love. Men are the warriors so they need to have anger as a strong emotion for to strengthen this role for them. In Pagan societies such as the Vikings, the society was structured in a way to help keep anger more as the impersonal healthy kind and such societies were even structured in ways to give men healthy outlets for anger.”

“One of the most positive ways to release anger and act upon the warrior spirit in modern society is through sports. Summer is the best time for doing sports. Sports help to create frith since they help people feel more positive and release tension and anger. Group sports can be a powerful tool of troth-making.”

“Another way to release or vent anger is through sex. Sex is a very powerful way to turn anger onto frith and love. It is very sacred to have sex at the Midsummer bonfire.”

“Women as the nurturers and pleasure and care givers have love as their strongest emotion. Since the strongest emotion for women is love, women are the frith-makers and they hold a sacred duty in northern culture as guardians of the frith. Frith is the glue that holds together those who hold troth for each other. Without frith there can be no troth. Keeping troth with those you cannot have any frith with is both dishonorable and dishonest. In order for there to be frith with someone you must hold feelings of respect and trust. No social organization, whether it be one related to Heathenism or anything at all, can survive if it does not strictly enforce members keeping frith between each other. The foundation of troth is frith. Troth is the very basis of Heathenism. Any Heathen that has not learned to be respectful of other people is one that is not able to honor frith and thus shall fail completely at holding troth with others. Since the basis of Heathenism is troth, such a Heathen shall fail as a Heathen. The gods and goddesses only welcome those to their hall that would be able to hold frith with all those who reside in their hall. The whole point of being Heathen is to hold troth for one or more of the northern gods or goddesses and work towards being welcomed to their hall in the after-life, thus learning how to respect others and honor frith is one of the greatest lessons any Heathen can learn.”

“Now at this time of the season, Midsummer, is the time to acknowledge all bonds of troth which we hold. Troth is the very point of Heathenism. Heathenism is simply put the practice of holding troth for one or more of the northern gods/goddesses. In all things we do in our life we must act in ways that honor this troth we hold. By taking troth with any god or goddess we are agreeing to hold their ways holy and honor what they stand for. Take some moments now to ponder on all the gods and goddesses which you hold troth with and all the things which are sacred to them.”

(Feel free to change this next part as needed)

“I _______ (state your name) hold troth with the Vanir and Aesir, with the ways of the Vanir coming first for me. _______ (patron deity name) is my patron and thus I hold the greatest troth of all for him/her. I agree to hold sacred all the things which are holy to the Vanir and Aesir and most of all that which is sacred to my patron ________ (patron deity name).”

(This next section is optional. If you prefer you can change this to whatever other values you happen to follow. In no way are the Vanic Virtues, or the Nine Noble Virtues, or any other codified system of values, a requirement to be followed to be Heathen. It is up to the individual Heathen to determine what values system they shall follow, so long as they uphold the basics such as honesty, troth, and always keeping oaths to the best of their ability. But once an individual has chosen a value system to follow they must follow it faithfully to the best of their ability. What matters most is to never agree to follow any value system you don’t deeply feel in your heart is right for you. Part of troth is being true to yourself and your true will.)

“To honor the troth I hold, these are the values I have agreed to uphold in my life to the best of my ability.:”

“The Vanic Virtues ”

“Beauty ”
“The pursuit of beauty and elegance in thought, form and speech. ”

“Courage/Passion ”
“Zeal, vigor; the strength and courage that comes from a life worth living. ”

“Land-rightness ”
“The recognition of nature and the environment as worthy of respect, care and reverence. ”

“Even-mood ”
“Harmonious and balanced thought and action; tranquility, calm, serenity.”

“Openness ”
“The quality of being receptive to the world around one, non-judgmental and open. ”

“Wildness/Ecstasy ”
“Music and dance; the nurturing of inner wildness and childlike being, being like the “fey” ”

“The all-encompassing force; love for family, for kin, for humanity, for all beings.”

“Frith ”
“The peace and goodwill between people bound together; loyalty and the keeping of one’s word. ”

“Faith/Piety ”
“The trust that the Gods exist and are worthy of our worship, and Their ways worth following. ”

“Giving ”
“The binding of two parties into one common bond, generosity and hospitality. ”

“Joy ”
“Wonder and innocence, the recognition that life is worth living, and worth living well. ”

“Brotherhood ”
“The recognition that we – humans, animals, plants, spirits – are all part of the grander scheme of life, and we share a common heritage, as children of the Earth.”

(This part is not optional)

(Hold drinking how and fill it with drink)

“Hail to the Vanir! Hail to the Aesir! Hail to _______ (patron deity name), I make this toast to you in honor of the troth I hold for you all! Hail!”

(Drink half, pour out rest to offering bowl or ground)

Use the pine twig to splash a bit of the liquid in the offering bowl on yourself, on any others in the ritual with you, on your altar, on the ritual space, and in all general areas of your dwelling as well. Does not need to be much splashed around, just a little is fine. This helps to imbue more of the energies of the ritual on you, and others who may also in the ritual with you, and to your place.

“Now my rite has ended. May all gathered here fare well on their return to their home places. And may the bonds of frith between us grow, gods, wights, and humans alike. Until we meet again.”

Pour out the offerings from the offering bowl outside:

“A gift for a gift”

Trace gebo at spot offerings were given to.



Pour out remaining blessed water outside.

“I pour the sacred water back to the Earth so it may find it’s way back to the Well of Wyrd”

Now at this point it is very important to ground your energies. This should always be done after every ritual. Not doing so can lead to problems in the long-run. Grounding is like shifting gears in a car, except it is the process of shifting brain states. During rituals you create a trance like brain state, which is desired for during rituals or for during any spiritual practices. But trance states are not good for doing everyday mundane things. You need to return your mind back to the normal state of consciousness after the ritual is finished. That is what grounding is.

The most simple and common method to ground is to visualize yourself as a tree and see roots growing into the ground from the base of your spine and going down into the earth. Sometimes rituals require industrial strength grounding as they can really create some intense energy. In that case you can try the following triple grounding method.:

First visualize your chakras. You picture in your mind closing first the top one and then seeing a sort of lid closing over it, then proceed with the net lower chakra and so on. You want to leave the bottom most chakra, the root chakra fully open as this is your connection to grounding. Don’t be concerned about having the others closed, the normal proper function of them is that they open and close as needed. Problems with being ungrounded happen when one of more of them are stuck open. Only the bottom one is to be left open at all times.

Next step is to picture a ball of pure white light above your head. Now let this white light slowly descent downward into your body and slowly move lower. As it descends it takes with it any unneeded, old, and negative energies. It is sort of sweeping downward through your energies taking all you no longer need with it. Once it reaches your feet let it move lower till it passes down through the floor. If you are on an upper close let it pass all the way to the ground. Let the earth take this energy to recycle it.

Now final step is to do the traditional grounding. Picture yourself as a tree. Visualize roots coming out of the base of your spine and going down into the Earth. Feel the calmness of a tree, the rooted solidness.

If after these three things you still feel hyper or spaced out you can either eat some food, or put a small amount of salt on your tongue. Another thing you can do is prostrate down to the ground, placing your head on the ground and stay like this for a few moments.

Feel free to copy and use this ritual so long as you acknowledge the source.

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