Heathen Spiritual Warrior

Late Spring and early Summer are the Norse times to fight battles and go raiding. Most of us in the modern world won’t be going into literal combat situations or going literally raiding, as happened during the Viking age. But we modern people have our own just as difficult battles we have to fight in our day to day life. Common modern forms of battle are battles against your own negative traits or bad habits, battles to effect greater spiritual growth and awareness, battles to improve our lives in any way, battles against people in our lives who abuse us or cause us harm, battles to stand up for some cause we believe in, battles to improve the lives and well-being of those close to us, battles to achieve success in our careers, fighting for a better world, etc. All these types of battles are equally as worthy as the battles and raids which the Vikings fought, and are just as filled with their own forms of danger and peril. All forms of worthy battle which we fight are a way in which the gods/goddesses test us to see our measure of spiritual strength and bravery. By fighting whatever worthy battles we must in our lives without backing down and doing the best we can in them, we increase our spiritual might and personal luck. Most forms of modern battles are more so what can be considered forms of psychic or spiritual battles. Being a spiritual warrior is just as impressive to the gods/goddesses as being a literal one. If your life has been filled with strife and challenge lately during the late spring and early summer know that this is part of being in tune with the seasonal cycles and this time shall eventually pass. When fighting a lot of battles our energies can after awhile become drained and run down. Try to call upon the power of the sun, the goddess Sunna as a source to recharge your psychic and emotional batteries after many long fought battles.


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One response to “Heathen Spiritual Warrior”

  1. Chose Tessier says :

    Thank you for these words Friend. I have been looking a lot to find someone with the same thinking. Personally I do not think warriors should be only counted if they live and die by weapons. Many of us still fight for what we believe is right but will never hold a weapon as a mean to end that fight. In my opinion, correct me if I’m wrong, praise Odin with me if you think I’m right, but anyone willing to fight against the remaining Kristian, takes pride in their Gods, speak of them, talk to them and live up to be the best they could to them and their people, against the ever increasing menace we face in our daily lives, Is someone the Gods can be proud of.

    I do not mean to fight the Kristian directly, but every time I have the chance to put a child of Christ back in their place I do it and it makes me the happiest I can ever be for a good time. I once entered a church with my ”as most historically accurate” northman attire, wearing my own made Mjolnir and Runes tattoo, Only to challenge the priest there with is religion. In 15 minutes he was out of word and couldn’t argue anymore on my beliefs and if I stayed another 15 more I think he would have start to question his own believing. As I left the church pushing both big doors, I felt as I was returning home after a successful raid!

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