Volmarr’s Heathen Wulpurgis Night Ritual April-30-2013

• drinking horn
• mead (or beer or wine or even can use juice)
• spring water in small bowl
• fresh pine twig
• offering bowl
• candles
• wand (if you don’t have one you can use your fingers instead)
• Thor’s Ritual Hammer (optional, can use it for the Hammer Hallowings)
• red candle
• white candle
• any symbols of spring
• any symbols of witches and magick
• a representation of Freyja
• small or medium size May-pole
• cauldron big enough to have a pillar candle in it
• small pillar candle along with a glass holder for it

This ritual, as are all Heathen or northern rituals, is done while facing north, except where otherwise noted. The altar should be such that it is in front of you when you face north.

If you don’t know how to pronounce the runes see my webpage on how to pronounce them here.

Put spring water in small bowl. Trace 3 Laguz runes over it.:



“From the Well of Wyrd does this water flow, and to the Well of Wyrd does it return”

Make Hammer Sign at item and then splash each ritual item with blessed water using the pine twig and for each item say:

“I bless this ______ with the waters of the Well of Wyrd”

Now trace Hammer Sign at person being blessed and/or self and splash them with water using twig.

“I bless ______ with the waters of the Well of Wyrd”

Use twig to splash ritual space with water.

“I bless this space with the waters of the Well of Wyrd”

Few silent deep breaths.

All stand in Elhaz position.

Elhaz Position 1

“Bi-Frost’s rainbow light shine down upon this space and myself so that I may form a portal between the worlds of Asgard and Midgard”

Few silent deep breaths.

All face north and trace the Hammer Sign while chanting:

“Hammer in the north hallow and ward this stead”

All turn east and trace the Hammer Sign while chanting:

“Hammer in the east hallow and ward this stead”

All turn south and trace the Hammer Sign while chanting:

“Hammer in the south hallow and ward this stead”

All turn west trace the Hammer Sign while chanting:

“Hammer in the west hallow and ward this stead”

All return to north and look up and trace Hammer sign while chanting:

“Hammer above hallow and ward this stead”

All look below and trace Hammer sign while chanting:

“Hammer below hallow and ward this stead”

Return to facing north and all stand in the Elhaz position and chant:

“Around me and within me Asgard and Midgard”

Dagaz Position 1

and move into the Dagaz position in the end.

Few silent deep breaths.

(Highly recommended optional casting of the rune ring)

(face north and trace the rune shape in the air before you using your wand and loudly chant: “FEHU!”)


(face north-east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “URUZ”)


(face east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “THURISAZ”)


(face south-east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “ANSUZ”)


(face south and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “RAIDHO”)


(face south-west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “KENAZ”)


(face west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “GEBO”)


(face north-west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “WUNJO”)


(face north and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “HAGALAZ”)


(face north-east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “NAUDHIZ”)


(face east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “ISA”)


(face south-east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “JERA”)


(face south and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “EIHWAZ”)


(face south-west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “PERTHRO”)


(face west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “ELHAZ”)


(face north-west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “SOWILO”)


(face north and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “TIWAZ”)


(face north-east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “BERKANO”)


(face east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “EHWAZ”)


(face south-east and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “MANNAZ”)


(face south and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “LAGUZ”)


(face south-west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “INGWAZ”)


(face west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “DAGAZ”)


(face north-west and trace the rune shape and loudly chant: “OTHALA”)


(Few silent deep breaths)

Hold up the bottle of mead:

“I now brew the holy mead of inspiration. Won by high Odin long ago!”

Chant into the bottle of mead:

“Odhroerir! Son! Bodhn!”

“Now I hallow this drink with staves of light!”

Chant and trace these runes over the bottle:















All say:

“Hail Odhroerir!”

Few silent deep breaths.

“Hail Freyja! Daughter of Njord. Sister of Freyr. Descendant of the Vanir. Possessor of Brisingamen. Od’s wife. Vanir-bride. Teacher of seidh. Love goddess. Gold-thirsty one. Queen of witches!”

“Hail also the unnamed disir of the Vanir, goddesses ancient and powerful. Please be here at this ritual of spring-time transformation.”

Few silent deep breaths.

“The Norse divide the seasons into two, winter and summer. Now is a shifting of energies, the unstable energies of change. It isn’t winter anymore now, but it isn’t yet summer. This is a border state time, a time between a time.”

“This time of year is traditionally associated with witches since witches, and wizards too, are people that live with a focus on those border states, as their focus is effecting change and transformation.”

“Seidh is a form of magick related to Norse witchcraft. Seidh and many forms of magick are done by going into a trance state. Trance means altered state of conscious. People are often in trance state when in any border state, time between sleep and waking, meditation, magick rituals, intense pain states, near death state, etc.”

“Battle trance is a state in which one struggles with life or death through physical combat. During battle is a powerful time to do spells due to this. Fight or flight is an altered state of consciousness. Spiritual rituals too are a border event. Also physical workouts too can be border states.”

“Sex is a border state. Sex is one possible tool to use to do seidh and other forms of magick. Being sexually aroused is a border state. Freyja is always sexually aroused, thus she is a goddess always in the border state.”

“Border state is fire. This is why Freyja is associated with fire. Fire is the energy of change. Conventional consciousness state for mortal humans is ice. Ice is the energy that keeps things as they are. Life force energy is fire though, because living beings can and do constantly change their environment.”

“Gods and goddesses have more life force than mortal humans, thus they have more magick. Deities can cause more, bigger amounts of change. By becoming attuned and one with the natural cycle of the seasons we increase our own life-force and fire and become more powerful. When we do devotional rituals to gods and goddesses we slowly move our own energies closer to the divine and become progressively more than just human. This is how we add divinity to our soul. By becoming more divine like this we increase our abilities to effect magick and create positive change for ourselves and others.”

“The more we become divine the higher our personal consciousness frequency is and the more we are able to access a greater amount of knowledge, wisdom, awareness, and the stronger access we have to life force. This also causes our spiritual luck to improve. Rising one’s consciousness frequency is the key to making spiritual progress. By rising our consciousness frequency then we can become closer to the gods and goddesses as we are then like one of them.”

“Negativity, limited thinking, negative energy, bad energies, unhealthy food, unhealthy habits such as smoking, being around negative people and lack of faith in the gods/goddesses, all serve to drag down our energies and pull us away from the spiritual. Drinking in a way in which we don’t have any self control over is very destructive and pulls down our energies. Drinking alcohol is not bad, it actually is a strong part of the Heathen path, what is bad is drinking to an extreme and not being a responsible drinker. These things suck the spiritual life force out of us and reduce our fire. It is very important on the spiritual path to learn how to shield your energies against negativity and limit any interactions with negative people.”

“The greatest tool for keeping energies consistently at a more positive spiritual level is regular daily spiritual practices. Enlightenment is not something that happens once and then you are cured for the rest of your life, it is an ongoing quest, even after achieving some measure of spiritual success all that has been gained can be lost if efforts are not kept up to keep things going. Magick is a tool to use to transform the self so that you can stay more often in a higher enlightened consciousness state that is closer to the level of the gods and goddesses. By maintaining a higher state of consciousness and a greater level of awareness and personal power we attract the interest of the gods and goddesses. By building a devotional practice towards a patron deity, matched by working on yourself using magick for self transformation directed towards a greater and greater spiritual self awareness, we move ourselves closer to achieving final rest from incarnation in the physical world, and moving on to reside in the hall of our patron deity at the time of our death. Working on the self to the point that we are ready to join our patron after we cross over from this world of the living to the next world is the main point for any more advanced level Heathen.”

“Now is the time during these changing energies to look for opportunities to bring positive changes in our lives, a powerful time to effect improvements in our lives. Now with the increase in physical activity in the rhythm of nature, is a excellent time to focus on getting into better physical shape by doing a regular fitness routine, if we don’t already do so. It is a good time to look at ways we can work on improving our health, both mentally and physically. This time of year is a good time to consider getting books about helpful methods of self improvement. It is a good time to brush up on any spiritual or occult knowledge areas we may already possess and perhaps looking too at ways we can expand such areas of knowledge. All these things which involve self improvement are connected with transformation and is oriented towards the type of energies of witches and wizards and of this general time of year. We are moving away from the inward focused energies of winter to the outward flowing energies of summer. The energies are shifting outward now towards vitality and renewal.”

“At this time of year the sexual energies of nature are at their strongest point. Now is the time to enjoy any opportunities that are presented to express those sexual currents with others. Sex is a good way of celebrating the current natural cycle. It is a way to make offerings of joy and pleasure to the spirits of nature. Sexual expression is a way to honor all goddesses associated with this time of year, both hidden and known.”

“The Vanir are the Norse deities associated with the border time energies of the seasons, both with the spring when nature’s vitality increases, and in the fall when that which has grown is harvested. Vanic deities are strongly connected with the sexual currents of nature. Spring is the season for the goddesses and fall the season to enjoy the blessings of the Vanic gods. Spring is female, and fall male. Spring and fall are not seasons proper for the Norse, but times of transition between winter and summer. Freyja as goddess of sexuality and witchcraft is a goddess of the spring whose energies reflect this time of year. There are also hidden goddesses of the Vanir who help to bring forth the energies of this time of year of the cycle and we must honor them too.”

(If there is any magick spells you wish to do for the purpose to better yourself in some way, now is a powerful time to do them. You may either do them at this point in the ritual or in a later ritual.)

(Light red candle.)

(Fill drinking horn with mead and hold filled horn up.)

“Freyja please present to me opportunities to take part in the increased sexual energies of this current time of year. Also please oh lovely goddess show me any ways that I may improve myself, and help me with opportunities to do so. Please oh pretty goddess help me to flow with the changing energies of this time of year. You who are a helpful seidh-witch, and lover to all, help me to bend the life currents to my advantage. Thank you radiant Freyja.”

(Drink some of the mead and pour out rest to offering bowl for Freyja.)

(Light white candle.)

(Fill drinking horn with mead and hold it up.)

“Hidden spring-time goddesses of the Vanir may your energies be strong so that this season may be a wonderful one filled with positive vitality for all lifeforms. I thank you oh lovely hidden goddesses for all you do for us who take part in the seasons. Hail all hidden life-force goddesses of the Vanir!”

(Drink some of the mead and pour out the rest into offering bowl for the hidden spring-time goddesses of the Vanir.)

(Be sure the pillar candle in the glass holder is in the cauldron.)

“I now light the bonfire of the lust-fires of the union of the hidden Vanic God of Spring, and the hidden Vanic Goddess of Spring. I light this fire within the cauldron of the Goddess’s vagina to send these energies to the Goddess so she may use them to revitalize the energies of nature.”

(Light the candle in the cauldron.)

“May the flames of passion and sexual union between the God and Goddess be strong and bright. May the energies of nature be revitalized! This fire burns away the last remaining vestiges of the winter half of the year. The summer half of the year is upon us now!”

(Jump over the candle in the cauldron.)

“By jumping over this lust-fire, I revitalize my own energies, and step into the summer half of the year!”

(Be sure the May-pole is set up in the middle of the ritual space.)

“Now is a time to celebrate the newly arrived energies of summer, and to get in touch with all the joy that is to come during this brighter, warmer, half of the year.”

(Play some festive Pagan May-day music, and dance around the May-pole to the music. Take some time to really enjoy the music. Do this for as long as you want. This is a time to party and enjoy the vital sexual life-force that is strong at this time.)

Use the pine twig to splash a bit of the liquid in the offering bowl on yourself, on any others in the ritual with you, on your altar, on the ritual space, and in all general areas of your dwelling as well. Does not need to be much splashed around, just a little is fine. This helps to imbue more of the energies of the ritual on you, and others who may also in the ritual with you, and to your place.

“Now my rite has ended. May all gathered here fare well on their return to their home places. And may the bonds of frith between us grow, gods, wights, and humans alike. Until we meet again.”

Pour out the offerings from the offering bowl outside:

“A gift for a gift”

Trace gebo at spot offerings were given to.



Pour out remaining blessed water outside.

“I pour the sacred water back to the Earth so it may find it’s way back to the Well of Wyrd”

Now at this point it is very important to ground your energies. This should always be done after every ritual. Not doing so can lead to problems in the long-run. Grounding is like shifting gears in a car, except it is the process of shifting brain states. During rituals you create a trance like brain state, which is desired for during rituals or for during any spiritual practices. But trance states are not good for doing everyday mundane things. You need to return your mind back to the normal state of consciousness after the ritual is finished. That is what grounding is.

The most simple and common method to ground is to visualize yourself as a tree and see roots growing into the ground from the base of your spine and going down into the earth. Sometimes rituals require industrial strength grounding as they can really create some intense energy. In that case you can try the following triple grounding method.:

First visualize your chakras. You picture in your mind closing first the top one and then seeing a sort of lid closing over it, then proceed with the net lower chakra and so on. You want to leave the bottom most chakra, the root chakra fully open as this is your connection to grounding. Don’t be concerned about having the others closed, the normal proper function of them is that they open and close as needed. Problems with being ungrounded happen when one of more of them are stuck open. Only the bottom one is to be left open at all times.

Next step is to picture a ball of pure white light above your head. Now let this white light slowly descent downward into your body and slowly move lower. As it descends it takes with it any unneeded, old, and negative energies. It is sort of sweeping downward through your energies taking all you no longer need with it. Once it reaches your feet let it move lower till it passes down through the floor. If you are on an upper close let it pass all the way to the ground. Let the earth take this energy to recycle it.

Now final step is to do the traditional grounding. Picture yourself as a tree. Visualize roots coming out of the base of your spine and going down into the Earth. Feel the calmness of a tree, the rooted solidness.

If after these three things you still feel hyper or spaced out you can either eat some food, or put a small amount of salt on your tongue. Another thing you can do is prostrate down to the ground, placing your head on the ground and stay like this for a few moments.

Feel free to copy and use this ritual so long as you acknowledge the source.

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  1. brainwise says :

    Thank you for posting this ritual. I was unable to participate in — or prepare my own — Walpurgis ritual. On that evening, I was preparing to see my father for the last time.

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