Magick, trance states, and rising ones divinity on the path towards enlightenment and the need for daily practice

Seidh (and many forms of) magick is done by going into a trance state. Trance means altered state of conscious. People are often in trance state when in any border state, time between sleep and waking, meditation, magick rituals, intense pain states, near death state, etc. Border state is the secret of the dagaz rune. Dagaz represents the power of transformation or the magick potential fringe or border states have.

Particular aspects of trance states like near death state trance or battle trance too is the eihwaz rune. Battle trance is a state in which one struggles with life or death through physical combat. During battle is a powerful time to do spells due to this. Fight or flight is an altered state of consciousness. Spiritual rituals too are a border event. Also physical workouts too can be border states.

Sex is a border state. Sex is one possible tool to use to do seidh magick (and magickally generally). Being sexually aroused is a border state also, and Freyja is always sexually aroused. Freyja is a goddess always in the border state.

Border state is fire. Fire is the energy of change. Normal consciousness state for mortal humans is ice. Ice is the energy that keeps things as they are. Life force energy is fire though, because living beings can and do constantly change their environment.

Gods/goddesses have more of that life force than mortal humans, thus they have more magick, they can cause more bigger amounts of change. By becoming attuned and one with the natural cycle of the seasons we increase our own life-force and fire and become too more powerful.

Odin’s wod is an extreme form of altered state. Wod is like a combination of inspired, insane, crazed, and intensely focused. It is basically the embodiment of altered states of consciousness. Odin is always in a state of Wod as that is his energies. it’s also why Odin tends to go to extremes and not always consider the normal everyday life impact of things. He can be over harsh on his devotees (sometimes bringing them to an early violent death) for this reason, without any intended malicious towards them. He is sort of stuck in an intense altered state of consciousness. It’s probably why he only eats mead or wine and not food. But he is a god of magick. Is also why he often times talks only in poetry. What any artist experiences when they make art is wod. Berserkers are warriors in an intense state of wod. Warriors devoted to Odin often enter an intense wod trance state when in battle. Odin’s warriors when in that state have only one urge; to kill, and injury does not slow then down so long as their body is still able to function, as they are in such a deep trance that they don’t feel pain, and are unconcerned about their own self preservation.

When we do devotional rituals to gods and goddesses we slowly move our own energies closer and closer to the divine and become slowly more than just human, adding divinity to our souls this way.

The more we become divine the higher our personal consciousness vibration frequency is and the more we are able to access a greater amount of knowledge, wisdom, awareness, and the greater access we have to the life force and the more spiritual luck we tend to have also. Rising ones consciousness frequency is the key to making spiritual progress. By rising out consciousness frequency then we can become closer to the gods/goddesses as we are then more attuned to them.

Negativity, limited thinking, negative energy, bad energies, unhealthy food, unhealthy habits such as smoking or not having any self control over the amount of alcohol that you drink (drinking alcohol is not bad, it actually is a strong part of the Heathen path, what is bad is drinking to an extreme and not being a responsible drinker), being around negative people and lack of faith in the gods/goddesses, all serve to drag down our energies and pull us away from. These things suck the spiritual life force out of us and reduce our fire. It is very a very important part of the spiritual path to learn how to shield your energies against negativity and limit your interactions with negative people.

The greatest tool in keeping energies consistently at a more positive spiritual level is regular daily spiritual practices. Enlightenment is not something that happens once and then you are cured for the rest of your life, it is an ongoing quest and even after achieving some measure of spiritual success all that has been gained can be lost if efforts are not kept up to keep things going.

The gods/goddesses want people to join them in their halls whom have worked enough on their-selves to be able to exist in frith (peace harmony, working in cooperation with the standards of a place) in their halls, harmoniously with the others who live with them there. It is the ultimate goal of any Heathen to develop themselves enough spiritually to join the god or goddess whom they have devoted themselves to at the time of their death. But for this to happen the devotee must work on themselves spiritually to be worthy of such an honorable place, as well as strive daily to maintain a strong relationship with their deity, through acts of devotion such as making offerings and other daily ritual and devotional practices.

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