Thor’s Wisdom

Wisdom spoken by the god Thor:

“Never underestimate. Be it friend, foe, or self. If you do, you’ve already lost the battle before it’s begun.”

“Live life to it’s fullest, every day and every moment as if it’s your last.”

“When all seems lost, there’s always a bit of hope when you need it most.”

More shall be added to this entry as they are gathered…


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5 responses to “Thor’s Wisdom”

  1. Alfrún Trollsdóttir says :

    Underestimating… good piece of advice. I guess that’ll be my topic of the week.

    • Volmarr says :

      Those are Thor’s words not mine, so thank him for them. :)

      • Alfrún Trollsdóttir says :

        Learning Thurisaz I got a haevy beating from who I thought was Almighty Thor (during visualisation of the Rune). But all in all it was in my best interest. And now some kind advice through you is even better. I feel like four thousand kilo lighter.

      • Volmarr says :

        Wow! Well Thor is very protective actually. He is probably the most friendly of all the gods and by far the one that takes the greatest interest in humans. He is sort of very jolly and likes to drink beer a lot and eat _a lot_ of food. He likes to protect people that call upon him to do so.

      • Alfrún Trollsdóttir says :

        The vision was about a Jotun in me and that I lack what is a true power of a person. Sometimes showing someone that they cannot win but have to let go is more important than helping them force things. Storm cleans the sky out of clouds, also out of thoughts one shouldn’t have for their own sake.

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