This is very funny! Thor has a very big appetite as is well known from the lore. But check out just _how_ big of appetite!

Amarina's Journey

Having had little deep rest, I have no journey to report and only the drawing of the rune gebo.

However, I was presented with a bit of an offering request. Any that honor Thor and abide him, he’s asked for some rather unique items offered. I found myself in laughter as I came from trance and saw the list. So, I’m giving it to any that may wish to try to fulfill it. The list follows:

5 Whoppers, 3 large fries, 1 large meat lovers pizza, a bag of cheddar and sour cream potato chips, taco dip (the 7 layer kind), tortilla chips for dipping, Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough, a 2 liter each of Mt Dew and Dr. Pepper… and just for balancing the meal a small side salad with light dressing and no croutons

Hopefully this leaves a smile on someone’s lips and perhaps a bit of a…

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