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This is very funny! Thor has a very big appetite as is well known from the lore. But check out just _how_ big of appetite!

Amarina's Journey

Having had little deep rest, I have no journey to report and only the drawing of the rune gebo.

However, I was presented with a bit of an offering request. Any that honor Thor and abide him, he’s asked for some rather unique items offered. I found myself in laughter as I came from trance and saw the list. So, I’m giving it to any that may wish to try to fulfill it. The list follows:

5 Whoppers, 3 large fries, 1 large meat lovers pizza, a bag of cheddar and sour cream potato chips, taco dip (the 7 layer kind), tortilla chips for dipping, Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough, a 2 liter each of Mt Dew and Dr. Pepper… and just for balancing the meal a small side salad with light dressing and no croutons

Hopefully this leaves a smile on someone’s lips and perhaps a bit of a…

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Thor’s Wisdom

Wisdom spoken by the god Thor:

“Never underestimate. Be it friend, foe, or self. If you do, you’ve already lost the battle before it’s begun.”

“Live life to it’s fullest, every day and every moment as if it’s your last.”

“When all seems lost, there’s always a bit of hope when you need it most.”

More shall be added to this entry as they are gathered…