Freyja’s Wisdom

Wisdom spoken by the goddess Freyja:

“A fire that burns hot and hard will die out faster than one that burns slowly into an inferno.”

“A leader should rarely yell. It shows an insecurity that a leader should not possess. This is a weakness that a good enemy could find and use against them in a time of conflict.”

“A man who yells has much to prove, that which a girl might wonder what. A man who is calm and steady is sure in himself and has little to prove. Yelling shows an insecurity, calmness shows a confidence.”

“Sometimes when two ships pass at sea, it is the greatest of moments and there is much joy. In the rush to see the other off before they fully pass, often things go wrong, sails are let too loose, anchors weighed. Friends become enemies in a brief flash and much more hurt is left in the wake of both ships than if the captain had made steady preparations in meeting gang plank to gang plank for a time of frith.”

“You learn and hear more with an open and cleared mind. It is like filling a bucket with water. If the bucket is full, you have no room for more. If the bucket is emptied even the smallest bit, you have room to pour more water in.”

“Each man can build their own ship and sail it alone. But if more than one man builds the same ship, together in frith, they will spare the earth, have a stronger ship, and have only used a small bit of effort. Together, as one, much can be accomplished.”

“Ships and water. Many of my references are that since my father is who he is.”

“A man’s wealth is never that in gold. it is entirely in the company he keeps, the women he loves, the women that love him, the bonds he forms, and his honor. A man rich in life is truly a wealthy man to be praised and honored.”

“A wise man knows when to question and when to simply close his eyes and listen to the wind and trees. Not all knowledge is found in paper and the truly wise will seek the hidden knowledge of the worlds.”

“It’s often that one forgets to ride the winds and free their soul, but more often that they demand others remain grounded and clip their wings. Acceptance in love and life is the most beautiful gift you can give another.”

“Love and beauty are one in the same. If beauty is simply beauty it is vanity. When it is true beauty there is much love. There is little love if the beauty of the existence can’t be seen.”

“But a teacher and guide knows that their understanding is one level and strives to let the student know it and encourages them to use that to enhance their own knowledge.”

“All souls that are given life after life are watched by someone. We always guide and know what lessons are needed.”

“One’s perception of reality becomes their truth. For example, if you are convinced the sky is red, the sky is in truth red to you. However, in truth the sky is blue. The view that the sky is red is truth, but it is erred truth.”

“Never take for granted that which you have. That is all a part of your wealth.”

More shall be added to this entry as they are gathered…

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