I don’t practice seidr, it is actually considered to be women’s form of magick and not something that is encouraged for men to practice, but still I do like to know about it, since I love learning about all forms of magick and practice.

Here is some good information about it:

Women and Magic in the Sagas: Seiðr and Spá

The return of the Volva

Spaecraft Seidr and Shamanism


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3 responses to “Seidr”

  1. Romilda says :

    I just ordered and received “Trance-portation” by Diana Paxson. I know it is not a strictly “Seidr” book, but considering Diana wrote it, I am hoping it will open the door a bit for me as I get the hang of this practice. :)

  2. Volmarr says :

    Nice. I haven’t read that one yet, but plan to eventually. She is a great author and researches her stuff well!

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