Hail Freyja, Goddess of Desire!

Hail Freyja, burning fire of sexual desire, heat of lust and passion, and energies of transformation. You who who stands naked, with only a short cloak of hawk feathers and a jeweled necklace that radiants fire. Your hair long, wild, and golden. I look deeply into your pale blue eyes that are like the oceans. Your body of the most pleasing feminine shape. Your pale skin glows with life. I see you breath with longing. Your body moves with the grace of a cat. I look at your full round breasts and dark pink erect nipples. I gaze my eyes upon your sensuous curves. Your legs long and strong. I look between your thighs and see the dew glistening from your sex. I feel the intense fires which burn there. I look upon you! I feel the excitement you invoke in me!  I wish to enter deep into you and merge with you in acts of love and pleasure. I worship you who is the Queen of all Northern Witches. I worship your flesh of desire.


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