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Notes on “Power of the Runes” Cards

power-of-the-runesIn Fehu there are cattle running towards you with flames all in the background. There are cattle in this card because the cattle were what the Old Norse used to measure wealth and mobile resources in the more ancient times. This rune is connected to fiery energies. Like pure raw potential energies. This is why the fire. Also gold was connected to fire for the Ancient Norse. And for them gold was the same color as red. Thus anything gold is fiery.

In Uruz there is a Auroh (very powerful looking!) with green energies radiating from him. Here there is this ancient Auroh (a now extinct wild cow) because this rune is connected to the pure energies of living beings wanting to thrive in their growth and natural will to be. This also is why this Auroh in this card has a glowing green aura. This is an arua of natural nature oriented growth and health. It is this will to survive which the Auroh has in that he does not wish to be tamed or killed; he fights against those that desire to stand in the way of his will to grow and live.

Thor’s about to bash a Thursor (can see the Thursor’s shadow) with his hammer in Thurisaz. Here this rune is connected to the will to defend ones ways with force. This rune has to do with blunt action without much questioning of this action within the metal realms. Thor is more oriented towards this realm of pure action as he is the defender of the gods. He is not at all mind oriented. This is why he is the best at fighting against the Thursor which are of the more primal mind also. Like stands best against like. Of course Thor is friendly to the will of the Gods and Goddesses (which is of the ordering principle) even though he is connected to the more primitive energies of pure instinct just as the Thursor are.

Ansuz has Odin playing a harp outdoors with his Ravens around (one on his shoulder; the other flying) and a drinking horn nearby (maybe he’s sipping on Otherier between playing?) and on the ground a Fly-Algeric mushroom grows in one spot. Ansuz is connected to using ones mental ideas to impress their will upon others. This can be done in many ways. Everything from impressive speaking to using magickal methods to project ones abstract thoughts upon the world around us. Here Odin acts as a bard. He has a harp which he plays. Music does much to reform the thoughts of those whom experience it. Thus the Ansuz power is strong with it. This is why most ancient bards (whose job it was to transmit information) used music along with poetry since this combo makes for strong infusing of information to others.

In Raidho Thor is flying across the sky on his cart drawn by his two goats. Here we have the idea of timing and movement. This is all connected to 3d reality which involves the time-space reality construct where events are broken down into defined order and sense of here/there. This allows for the creation of the earth-life story. Anyway this rune is connected to good timing and being in swing with the order of things, travel, etc.

In Kenaz Wyland (or a smith anyways) is working on making something from a long round piece of metal. Here is the idea of controlled fire (Fehu was primal uncontrolled fire; potential energies that are not channeled into any form). Here these energies are being channeled into form. In this case it is the smith that is using fire to shape metal into form. This rune has to do with creative energies of a person (which are expressed as fire energies). Also one’s sexual desire nature is connected to this as well. It is this energy which reforms things.

In Gebo a couple is naked sitting on a rock intertwined together so as to form the rune Gebo with there bodies intensely having sex (you even see their sweat). There is a energy connection between their heads too. This rune is about equal exchange. Sex is the greatest expression of this total exchange between two beings that makes them both get something greater than they can get when they act at odds. This is loyalty shared between two. Exchange of any sort. This makes two grow closer.

In Wunjo this is inside a Old Norse house. A Old Norse family is hanging out and drinking and making merry together. Here we have the rune of joy and mirth and pleasure to be had with being in the company of those which we feel closest to. This is frith incarnate. Thus this scene of this card. Peace. Plenty. Enjoyment of life from being around those of like mind.

Hagalaz has a mysterious hooded figure (maybe Hulda?) standing before a tree (Yggdrasil) with a fire cauldron before her (can’t see her face or anything but get the impression it’s a ancient female figure under the dark hooded robes). There is snow at the base of the tree around the area where the fire is. Above is outer-space  She (the figure in the card) is working with some sort of energies of formation which actually is radiating energies that form the younger form of the Hagalaz rune. One part of the radiated energies goes to the fire pool. The opposite part goes to this valknot in the air before the tree. There is a worm (snake) coiled around the tree biting it’s own tail. This rune is about divine order and the constant action of re-ordering that we being under go on the physical plane so that we can grow closer to this divine ordered pattern. This is the most powerful structure of the perfected universe. Of course this constant re-reordering process on the physical level normally brings into one’s life a very intense change, complete with lose of the old patterns and the pushing of one into a new pattern. For those who try hard to resist spiritual growth this rune can be very negative. For those on a spiritual path that actively flow with the changes this rune can be very positive and powerful. We see on this card the energy formation which the hooded figure is working with. Below this is the fire energies of reformation and change. Above this is the valknot of perfected energy formation and the eternal.

In Nauthiz there are three people on a raft out at sea in a storm. They are ragged with their clothes shredded  This raft has a really tattered sail which forms the rune’s shape. Up ahead in a clearing of the storm is some land. What this card says is that all struggled and problems are themselves the catalysts of growth as they make us strive to get past the negative situation and thus grow and learn to be creators of our life journeys more actively. This rune tells us to work to get past our need. See that these people are in a dangerous and very negative situation on this raft. But up ahead is the island of their safety and resolving of this situation.

In Isa there is a frozen human frozen in ice with a Frost-Giant holding onto the block of ice the human is in and examining it. A beam of energy is coming from above to the frozen person’s ice (maybe either forming the ice or melting it?). Ice is one of the two (along with fire) primal forces of creation. Ice is the patterning into forms. Of course for there to be life then with forms there must be the fiery energies of consciousness combined with this will to fall into patterns that is ice. Ice preserves things and allows them to last til the time is right for them to take a more active path. Isa is standstill and inertia. Gravity. The force that pulls energy into one point so that it may form into matter. It is like salt in that salt (of alchemy) absorbs the waters of life.

In Jera there are farmers bringing in the harvest of grain. Some are in the process of cutting the grain. Others are on break and enjoying some of the food that is available right now. Here we have the energies of reward from long term efforts to create something. This is something that takes a great deal of time and effort and tuning into the right cycles (Raidho). Thus we see the harvest.

In Eihwaz there is Ullr with his bow and his skies are up against a Yew tree which he has his back to. His shield also lays against the tree. He has caught and killed a boar which he has one foot upon. There is snow all about the scene and it is clearly winter. This rune is the rune of standing strong against struggles of life. Also it is the rune of eternal life of the soul. The rider upon the tree of the world. We here are souls riding upon the horse of the body (many times the horse is associated with the world-tree axis). This is the rune of shamanic travels upon the tree. The yew bow is associated with survival and protection. Yew is also connected to the world tree Yggdrasil. Here also is the shield. Ullr is very connected to the energies of this rune. He is the hunter god of the winters and great at wilderness survival and camping.

In Perthro there are the three Norns with spinning wheel and one has some runic staves which she has cast with a drinking horn which she is reading. The other two are working at weaving the thread from the wheel. They are at the very base of a tremendous tree (can only see just the root base of one small part of it as it’s so big). There are three moons in the sky. One waning, one full, one waxing. There is a well in back of them. It looks like the source of the material they are using to weave the thread comes from somewhere above on the tree maybe. The Norns are the creators of the wyrd (kinda almost the same idea as karma) of all beings. They look into the patterns of what has already fallen through usage of their well (the well of Wyrd) and thus they create one “should happen” based upon these patterns (Orlog). This is not a fixed fate as in many peoples idea of fate. But it is the idea that we create ourselves anew at each moment based upon what we have done before (put into the well). Of course this limits us to certain possible fates. We always have the free will to choose what direction we go within the limits of our self created wyrd. Also each direction we choose then effects what range of possible directions we can take in the future.

In Elhaz there is the Valkyrie naked riding a huge Elk. She has a spear and a small shield. She has on a winged helmet and those kind of sandals that tie all up the lower leg with strap. That’s all she wears. In the background is the Rainbow Bridge arching down to the ground from the unknown. There are three swans flying around. Elhaz is the rune of protection and the calling down of divine energies into our reality. It is an extremely protective rune. The Valkyrie represents the divine energies and she rides down from Asgard from the Rainbow Bridge (Bi-Frost) in the background. The swans are connected to the Valkyries as they change into swan form to fly around (using a magick cloak of feathers). The elk is considered a protective energy. No one is going to want to mess with an elk!! :)

In Sowilo there is Sigurd the hero with sword upraised and he has a shield. He stands upon the top of some mountain and there are all these mountains below in the horizon. Above Sunna shines brightly in the sky. You can see her face on the sun and it’s for sure a her! Sunna is the sun shining down upon the world in joy and victory. This rune is about winning and about shining ones will upon the world without anyone stopping you from doing so. Come victory. Complete radiance. Calm peace. Success. In the Norse system the sun is female and is the goddess Sunna. She is harmony and just simply a great day! :) We all know how good a nice sunny day makes us feel. :) We have here in this card a hero, Sigurd. He is victorious.

In Tiwaz there is a fierce battle going on in the background. In the foreground there is the Irimisal column with someone (maybe Tyr with both hands?) tied to it. In front of him is a warrior killing another warrior. The warrior being killed has a broken sword. Above all this is one bright star in the night starry sky. This is the rune of sacrifice for what one believes is right. Fighting for a cause. For standing up for oneself. For standing for one’s idea of right. For upholding order and structure. Tyr is the god connected to all this. Here he is pictured (in his pre-single hand days) tied up to the Irimisal (the central pillar with holds up the order and structure of the world). There is a battle going on. One warrior is losing his life for what he believes in. Another is winning a fight that he believes in. Warriors in ancient societies were ones who sacrificed their lives so that others did not have to die in struggles of different groups of people against different groups of people. Of course each group has different ideas of what is right and thus we have the reason for wars.

In Berkano we are in a forest scene with Birch trees. There are ferns and soft greenness to the floor of the forest. Some mushrooms grow about. There is a naked green lady (everything about her is green) feeding a normal human-colored baby from one of her breasts. She is kneeled down on the soft forest vegetation. In the background is an old crone lady with hooded robes (but we can see her face) watching them. The crone seems like she is protective of them. She has a short walking stick which she leans on as she watches from back in the forest. This rune relates to the nurturing energies of the earth. Here a earth goddess type girl is nurturing a baby by feeding it with her breasts. This rune-shape even looks like two breasts. This is the force that draws things into itself in a set aside place where it can grow safely without being put into the everyday struggles of the outside world. Of course this space can feel confining for those ready to come out too if they are forced to stay there longer than they like. The old lady goddess in the background in Hulda the devouring mother energies. This relates to the nurturing aspects of the underworld (Hel) for the soul between lifetimes.

In Ehwaz there is a horse with rider (with horns on his helmet *boo*). The rider has a shield with the rune carved into the boss of it. In the energy aura of the horse (which has 4 physical legs) we see that is may have 8 legs in it’s aura form. This is the rune of two working as one in complete mergence  Horse and rider. Both parts must put forth equal efforts for this combined partnership to work the most powerfully. It is two that act in the same direction completely.

The Mannaz card does not seem to say much of anything of all the cards. There is a person (not sure if they are male or female) standing on some hill area. It’s a dark gloomy sky with red patterns in the sky (maybe it’s when the sun is setting?) There is a sun going down at level with this person’s head. This person has their arms up and back so that their forearms disappear in back of their head (why?). Way in the background are two rows of mountains that vanish at there base into some clouds. This card is the only one that does not speak. It’s so vague  Mannaz has to do with the human order of life. The structures of human society and all things that make us human. Of course the card itself as i stated does not seem to catch this well. Knowledge and using tools is a very human (also divine) thing. Of course humans are gifted with skills of the divine as one of the myths talks of where Heimdal (as Rig) teaches runes to one set of humans.

In Laguz there is a baby in the position of one still in the mother (with cord still) but it floats in the cosmic waters. There is thunder feeding the baby energy-wise. The deeper section of this cosmic sea is outer space with Earth in the distance. Laguz is about facing the spiritual inner side of one’s journey through life. The realms of the subconscious and the dream lands. This is the journey over the cosmic waters of life. The ever stormy waters of the cosmic soup! The inner subconscious realms are ones connected to the greater cosmic waters of life. One’s patterns are stored within this realm of one’s inner subconscious. Here lays the issues that one must face in life. This is never an easy journey of ever unfolding facing of issues and the spiritual growth that results from doing so. In this card we see the baby (which represents the human in the physical realm) whom is feed from the thunder above the cosmic waters of life. This thunder is the forces which clear away the out-worn patterns (as we see in Thurisaz with Thor with force facing against force) of one’s makeup. It is that which stirs us to grow (through the conflicts of dealing with life here on planet earth). Earth is also pictured in this rune. This (Midgard) is the home of all of us living beings within this realm of activity and life-growth.

Ingwaz it shows Inge-frey first buried deep in the earth (can see a cut-away of below the surface of the land). This is in a pine forest at night. And suddenly he is jumping forth from the earth with an intense rush of energies. Before when he is under the earth he is squatted down into a position of gathering forth and building up energies. When he is jumping out of the earth he has small horns (*boo!*). This rune is about holding in ones energies  so they can build up more strongly. Then once these energies reach there peak they are released with a sudden force. Frey is the god of organic enrichment and this is very much the force of this cyclic energy manifesting.

For Dagaz (which they number 23) there is a stone dolimon with Dagaz carved on the top stone. The sun is between the doorway of the stones but is just coming up from the horizon. The top part of the card is light while the bottom is still dark as the sun works her way up from behind the mountains. In the foreground before the dolimon is a figure (maybe Odin?) sitting before a fire on a circular rock. He sits in a small stone circle that is before the dolimon. Dagaz is the rune of sudden mergence of two states into one. That border space between two different states. That time that is not a time in a space that is not a space. It is a sudden shift between states of consciousness. The break of day. That is what is shown on this card. Odin is the master of combining separate realities into a new fusion. He is pictured here in the stone circle. The circle is a space between the worlds of spirit and matter.

In Othala there is an Old Norse house (in a small village or farmstead). There is obviously a wooden wall around these houses. One guard stands upon part of the wall watching. Inside before the house is a happy family. Outside the wall is wilderness with forests in the distance. Othala is the idea of an inner and a outer space. The inner is the protected home space. The outer is the outside world of wild uncontrolled forces. One’s home feels comfortable since it is basically made of one’s own energy patterns (plus the familiar energy patterns of anyone else who lives there). This is simply the rune of the comfort and safety of one’s home. It is a warding that keeps what belongs in the inner space inside and what does not belong in the inner space outside. It is also connected to ancestral heritage. Of course i myself like Dagaz as the last rune and this as the second to last rune. But the cards have this as the last rune. Thus in this card we see a family before there home which is in a fortified space.

Common Modern Folk Practices that are Heathen in Origin

1 Tooth-Faerie – Done as a sacrifice to honor the Alfar & Frey, there king, in thanks for the growth of the kids teeth to come.

2 Christmas-Tree – Actually a Yule practice to represent Yggdrasil. The ornaments are sacrifices made to the gods. Probably (maybe; just a theory) also given to appease Odin and the wild hunt. Notice how many ornaments are human like? Maybe this was so the wild hunt would take these symbolic people instead of real people.

3 Wishing-Well (Fountain) – Is a magickal practice used to place something into the 3 sacred wells (Hvergelmir, Wyrd, Mimir) so that it may manifest into ones Wyrd. Like as an example. If one wanted a car they could toss a matchbox car into a body of water while wishing for a new car and picturing what kind of car they want (and the tiny toy car should be one that reflects this model).

4 Piggy-Bank – Represents Frey’s golden Boar. Frey is the god of fertility and abundance (which is associated with money in modern times).

5 Drinking-Toasts – This is merely the modern survival of the sumbel ritual.

Hail Freyja, Goddess of Desire!

Hail Freyja, burning fire of sexual desire, heat of lust and passion, and energies of transformation. You who who stands naked, with only a short cloak of hawk feathers and a jeweled necklace that radiants fire. Your hair long, wild, and golden. I look deeply into your pale blue eyes that are like the oceans. Your body of the most pleasing feminine shape. Your pale skin glows with life. I see you breath with longing. Your body moves with the grace of a cat. I look at your full round breasts and dark pink erect nipples. I gaze my eyes upon your sensuous curves. Your legs long and strong. I look between your thighs and see the dew glistening from your sex. I feel the intense fires which burn there. I look upon you! I feel the excitement you invoke in me!  I wish to enter deep into you and merge with you in acts of love and pleasure. I worship you who is the Queen of all Northern Witches. I worship your flesh of desire.